Sell By Auction

Sell by Auction

DSCN1002Auction method for marketing and selling properties is a proven way in maximizing the maximum value of your property and turning it into cash.

Here are the reasons that make auctions a selling tool:

  • Immediate action for the seller.
  • Create competition among buyers with excitement.
  • Auction prices can exceed the traditional negotiations in real estate transactions and by using an open, rapid bidding environment to achieve the highest market value.
  • The auction method exposes properties to a larger number of potential buyers.
  • By using the Accelerated Auction Marketing and sales technique, with property being sold within weeks, even days, after a seller signs a contract.
  • Auctions convert property into cash quickly.
  • Selling at auction shows the true market value for a piece of property at any given time.
  • Auctions bring qualified buyers with plenty of interest to a point of decision – knowing they have to act now or lose the chance in buying the property.



Real Estate at auction is offered in a “As-is, where-is” condition. This prevents buyers from negotiating complicated and costly contingencies into contracts. When many buyers are in a “wait-and-see” mode, auctions shatter that mentality. Traditional real estate sell usually take a while to work out all of the negotiating back and fourth on the property. Auction buyers are pre-qualified and motivated bidder competes with other prospective buyers to reach the highest market value price possible for a piece of real estate.

When auctioning real estate at auction it means your property will be listed, marketed, sold, and reaching closing in a set period of time. Usually with 30-60 days from first signing of the auction contract to the closing of sale. Our accelerated marketing technique makes this possible. R & R advertised through direct mailers, brochures, print publications, online, and highly-visible signage. Just having the word “AUCTION” tied to a real estate sale makes it stand out over other listed properties.

  • Properties are sold with a reserve or at absolute.
  • An absolute auction is when property is sold to the highest bidder, regardless of the price. Typically an absolute auction is the best way to sell real estate at auction and usually draws more bidders on the day of the sale.
  • “Reserve Auction”, the seller has a set price and unless that price is reached, the property may not sell. Although the seller may chose to sell anyway by confirming the high bid at the end of the auction.

Other factors to consider about real estate auctions:

  • Property listed with a set price before selecting the auction method
  • Establish a ceiling for bidders.
  • A property is likely to sell more at auction if bidders don’t know how much a seller is expects for his or her real estate.
  • When selling at auction, the price always is negotiated upward.
  • With a traditional listing, real estate is almost always negotiated down, first.
  • Auctions eliminate high seller costs, such as mortgage interest, taxes, maintenance, insurance, utilities, up keep and deferred depreciation.
  • Auctions reduce the time property is on the market.
  • Seller can free up capital and move to another investment.

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